Aviation Services and Acadamy

Premium aviation and charter service

Aeroaviation, aviation training and services

Problems & Solutions

The organisation offers chartered aviation services, aviation academics and secondary aviation services and we managed to show all of them with equal weightage.

The branding guidelines were prepared in advance and were strictly adhered to. All elements, fonts and colors are within the defined scope.

The Content and website were developed after a thorough study and research on Aviation Industry as demanded by the client.

Branding & Designing

Colour Palette




The Color selection is aimed to make the look and feel luxurious and royal yet keep the overall design minimal and easy to read.

Logo for charter services

Highlighting the letter ‘A’ with a careful attention to the aircraft symbolism. The two A’s represent the air plains. Aiming at clean, simple and effective elements.

Logo for acadamy

In addition to the CHarter Services logo, this logo incorporates a leafy tiara arpund a logo and multiple usage of A’s to represent the age old recognition of acadany and juniors/students under the main head.

Website and UI/UX

The website focuses on 3 aspects:

Static website

Integrating the branding essentials and elements into the website and creating attractive sections. Usage of videos, images and floating elements highlights the services provided.

Promoting Academy

Dedicated pages and section to view the details, connect with the teaching staff and experience something different.

Initiating conversations

A feature like discussion forum where people and students are free to initiate discussions and topics to enhance knowledge and know better with each day.

Content creation

Each piece of information, written content and images were prepared in house to make sure the consistence in language, visibility and intention of the website. Fine tuning the selection of words and keeping the important points highlighted was one of the major task.