Venture Capitalist Firm

Empowering startups to grow and gain an advantage.

Fluid VC, investing to make a better India.

Problems & Solutions

The design concept revolves around interaction with liquids, fluids and like fluids, no corners are sharp.

The design and the graphics used are casual in nature. The images of the people, partners or the portfolios are all kept in a casual approach but to keep the impact, every element and section is being given enough height and width.

The language is again is a fusion of formal and casual approach. The names, headings and all other texts start with small caps signifying the fluidity and casual, funky and fun nature of the company yet the language used is formal and impactful so as to deliver the information.

The fluidity in design is not only represented by shapes but with colors as well. Use of pastel shades ranging from pink, orange, green and blue do a roper justice to the concept setup.

Branding & Designing

Colour Palette







The logo starts with a small case to show the fun loving, casual and relaxed approach. This in turn validates the name inclusion of word fluid.

The emblem is simple and conveys the message of fluidity. Again keeping the characters in small case. The use of emblem is very limited and is only used at very specific locations based on the branding guidelines.

Website and UI/UX

Minimal and Brand specific

Main aim is to keep the design at essential intention. Only what matters is shown, nothing fancy, nothing useless is displayed on screen.

Startup application in popup

The startups can apply for funds. This application is a little lengthy since it is a crucial requirement of the organization. To make it more interactive it is divided in simple 4 step process. Further it is kept in a popup to all it to open from anywhere at any time. The “apply as a startup” button makes sure of it.