Jewellery eCommerce

Displaying Royalty and Luxury amidst the royalties of Jaipur.  Minimal and Classy.

Kushaal Jaipur Silver Jewellery eCommerce

A brand that is rooted to the royal family of Jaipur.

Craft that dates decades and was only accessible to the royalty, is now available for people.

The name Kushaal Jaipur is inspired by a legendary Jeweler, Shri Kushal Chand Surana known for his endless contribution & revolutionizing the jewelry industry in Jaipur.

Taking classic and family business online is alwaysa challange and challange is what we like.

Problems & Solutions

Taking a traditional businesses is our expertise. This comes with defined branding, creating an online identity for the brand and then launching with newer market approach.

We created an eCommerce platform that reserves the essence of Tradition and at the same time satisfies the growing online B2C market.

We did a dedicated photography session which focused on creating such out puts that make a buyer aware of what they are purchasing and at the time attractive enough to main the interest.

All the display images as well as product photography were done by us.

Royalty and Luxury is always paired with gold, maximalist and intricate craft, to keep it minimal is challenge.

To overcome this problem, we focused on simpler elements, with only shadows to create the depth and placed majority of the emphasis on images. The images showcased the products as well as lifted up the royal facade that is created under the umbrella of minimal design.

Inspired by Jaipur

The shapes, look and feel is inspired by Jaipur, the royal city from where the brand originates.

Jaipur is the of palaces, Polo and royal adornments is known for its intricately crafted accessories. We, the people of Jaipur share a mutual fascination for adornments and royal luxuries. Keeping this in mind, Kushaal Jaipur has launched itself as a brand solely specialising in the creation of luxury and state-of-the-art Royal accessories exclusively for men handcrafted in 92.5 silver. We do alterations in the metal base as per the requirements.

Highlighting the products that need most attention

The Colour options on the page are carefully placed at the bottom of the screen floating to allow a user easy access to the options and to add to a cart at the ease of click.

Product page that make easy viewing and simplified buying

An approach that focuses on user-friendliness and catches that attention.

Everything that’s necessary at one glance keeping minimal design approach in mind.