Third Party Investment Company

Providing Litigation Funding to the claimants and Investment Opportunities to the investors

Legal Fund, Making your legal journey lucrative.

Problems & Solutions

The idea of Litigation Investment was a little new in the market and we had to design it in a way to explain it and make it understandable.

The design and the graphics used are casual in nature. The animations and images are all kept in a casual approach but to keep the impact.

The content is precise and is produced in a controlled pace. The formal language with casual looking fonts, share the required information yet keeps it light.

All major headings, texts and information sections are kept in the branding colour but to give a contrast and attractive sections, coloured animations and illustrations are used. This keeps the attention of the viewer as well as maintains the consistency

Branding and Designing

Colour Palette






The logo is blue in color as Blue color symbolises trust.

The emblem shows a circle that has a circular progress bar that symbolises growing investment portfolio.

Website and UI/UX

Putting Ocean in a drop

Fitting all that important content in one section that needs to be put on the home page, this is how we used accordions to show critical content in one frame.

Just Sharing about Litigation Financing...