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18 Months 

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Provide new business with application connectivity

About the company

Pre-Packed sachets in a easly dispensable packing.
Each sachet is printed with the exact dosage and timing of your medication Simply separate your daily sachet by tearing it along dotted line, then follow the instructions it couldn’t be simpler!

Unique problems to solve

Medication Adherence

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is ensuring patients take their medications as prescribed. Pharmallama’s app addresses this by providing pre-sorted medicine packs that eliminate confusion and increase adherence.

Complex Medication Regimens

Managing multiple medications with varying dosages and timings can be overwhelming. The app simplifies this by organizing medications into easy-to-follow sachets, reducing the risk of errors and missed doses.

Caregiver Support

Family members and caregivers often struggle to ensure their loved ones take their medications correctly. Pharmallama’s app facilitates remote monitoring and support, providing peace of mind to caregivers.

Web UI and UX

Intuitive Medication Schedule

The user interface of Pharmallama’s application is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Users can easily view their daily medication schedule, which is color-coded and time-stamped on the sachet rolls, allowing for quick and error-free medication administration.

Personalized Medication Management

Pharmallama’s platform incorporates personalized features, such as medication reminders and refill notifications, to enhance the user experience. These features help users stay on top of their medication regimen and ensure they never miss a dose.

I found the Design Sprint extremely productive. We discovered things we thought we knew, but actually didn’t. It gave us a chance to implement a lot of ideas that were swimming around in my head.

– Mr. Deepesh Rajpal
Co-Founder, Pharmallama​

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