Selling Premium sweets

Satiating the sweet childhood memories, hitting the nostalgia and creating a premium experience around it.

Shakkr, offers a wide variety of savouries.

Problems & Solutions

The major focus of the website is on images. Being an eCommerce all the images are carefully placed in defined sections, category grids and banners. To make it useful, every image that you see is a product.

The design approach is such that no element is of distraction. Every page is managed so that less written content create distraction and more products get visibility.

Website and UI/UX

Product's Visibility

The product card allows quick view of the product and n click redirects to the single product page where the details of the product are visible and the options of the product can be selected.

Changing header

Unless scrolled, the header remains transparent so that the visibility of the banner/slider is not blocked and then as it is scrolled, the header background changed to royal blue to maintain the branding guidelines and to enhance the visibility of the menu.

Mobile menu

The enhanced mobile menu gives a quick access to the categories available on the store as well as the actions that can be taken by the user like login etc.