remote work policy

Effective Date: September 15, 2022



The purpose of this Policy is to outline the policy guidelines and eligibility requirements regarding Remote Work applicable for all the Employees of the Mridul and Rohan Solutions Pvt. Ltd hereinafter referred to as Company.
Remote Work allows Employees to work in their own home or in a satellite location for all or part of their work. The Company considers Remote Work when it is viable and appropriate for Employees and the job is suited for such an arrangement. Remote Work is not an entitlement and the Company can change its Policy with the change in scenarios.
This Policy is applicable for both the temporary and permanent Remote Work assigned to any Employees of the Company. All Employees are responsible for understanding and adhering to this Policy. Managers/supervisors are responsible for enforcing this Policy within their teams.


Before entering into any Remote Work Agreement, the Employee and manager/supervisor, with the assistance of the human resource department, will evaluate the suitability of such an arrangement, reviewing the following areas:
(a). The Employee and the HR will discuss the job responsibilities and determine if the job is appropriate for the Remote Work arrangement.
(b). The HR will approve the Remote Work on an ad hoc basis or regular basis as suitable.
(c). Such approval needs to be carefully reviewed in terms of the cost of providing equipment, health and safety, communication considerations, security and data protection, legal issues, reporting, and so on.
(d). At all times, Remote Work will be subject to the continuing approval of the HR. The Company reserves the right to withdraw Remote Work approval upon reasonable notice.


The compensation of the Employee while working remotely will be as per the terms of the employment agreement and any changes will be as agreed between the Employee and the Company in writing. It is the responsibility of the managers/supervisors to align the allowances stipulated to the Policy of the Company, ensuring funding/spend is controlled within respective business budgets and ensure ongoing compliance within the guidelines of the Policy.


The Employees are free to choose the schedule in the working days as per their choice subject to completion of the assigned tasks on time. Remote Work Employees are required to accurately record all hours worked on the Company system.


The Employee shall adhere to the following rules while working remotely:
(a). The Employee shall establish an appropriate work environment within his or her workplace. The Company will not be responsible for costs associated with the setup of the Employee’s workplace, such as remodeling, furniture, lighting, repairs or modifications, to the workplace.
(b). Employees approved for Remote Work are expected to maintain normal productivity and performance. They must not carry out work for anyone other than the Company nor, without prior permission, undertake non-work-related activities during their working hours.
(c). Employee shall liaise with their Team Leader about their patterns of work and schedule and will be responsible for keeping their Team Leader and team informed about the status of their work. The Employee must work with their Team Leader to accommodate themselves for meetings or training as required by their role.
(d). Company’s Code of Conduct and all other respective employment policies and practices apply to the Employee while working, irrespective of work location or schedule arrangement.
(e). The Employee shall restrain from accessing or using Company confidential information while working in a public or crowded place.
(f). The Employees are prohibited from taking the printouts and storing confidential information while working remotely unless specifically allowed in writing by the Team Leader.
(g). The Employees shall remain available for the conference call and will maintain satisfactory performance standards.
(h). The Employee requires an internet connection that is adequate for their assigned job. The cost of the internet will be incurred by the Employee itself.
(i). Adhere to rest break and attendance schedule mentioned under this Policy or agreed upon with their Team Leader and compliance with the central and state laws.


On a case-to-case basis, the Company will determine, with information supplied by the Employee, and the Team Leader, the appropriate equipment (including hardware, software, modems, phone, and other office equipment) required to complete tasks from time to time.
The equipment provided by Company will be maintained and repaired by the Employee. and if there is any damage caused to such equipment due to the fault of Employee, the Employee shall be liable to repair or replace such equipment. Equipment provided by the Employee will be maintained by the Employee and Company accepts no responsibility for damage or repairs to Employee-owned
Equipment supplied by the Company is to be used for business purposes only. The Employee must sign an inventory of all Company property received. Upon termination of employment, all Company property will be returned to the Company, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
The Employee understands that all equipment and tools provided by the Company shall remain the property of the Company at all times. The Employee shall protect Company equipment and tools from theft or damage and shall report theft or damage to his or her Team Leader immediately.
The Company may provide necessary office supplies as it may deem necessary for particular types of employees working remotely.


The Employee will report to the Team Leader in the following frequency: Daily, in the following manner:
The employees shall report directly to the Team Leader with the list of task given by the Team Leader at the End of the day.


The Employee must choose a safe, healthy, and suitable location to perform their duty. The Employee must choose a space that is free from any distraction, well organized and with good internet support.


Employees working remotely will still be covered under the health insurance of the Company and other insurance benefits provided to the normal employees.
Employees are advised to choose a safe and secure location to work in and to maintain high levels of safety. During the Remote Work the Employee will not be covered under any accidental insurance policy of the Company and are advised to take personal insurance policies.
Only equipment owned by the Company is covered by the Company’s chosen insurer. All the other equipment is to be covered by the Employee’s personal insurance provider.


Consistent with the Company’s expectations of information security for employees working at the office, remote work Employees will be expected to ensure the protection of proprietary information of the Company and other related entities.
The Employee shall always strive to comply with all agreements and policies of the Company including the Employee handbook and the confidentiality agreement signed by the Employee upon employment.
The Employees will be given access to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) software to secure connections with Company servers and networks. The VPN must be used at all times during work hours. Under no circumstances may the VPN be used outside of work hours.