Wealth Management Firm

Deploy surplus money in medium- & long-term strategies

Kalpataru Wealth, a Mutual Fund Distributor.

Problems & Solutions

All the content is arranged on a single page to avoid the user’s confusion and multiple clicks. The header menu scrolls on the dedicated sections with a slite scrolling animation to create an effect of transition and to let te used know that the content is on a single page.

The design and the graphics used are casual in nature. The images of the people, partners or the portfolios are all kept in a casual approach but to keep the impact, every element and section is being given enough height and width.

The content is precise and is produced in a controlled pace. The formal language with casual looking fonts, share the required information yet keeps it light.

All major headings, texts and information sections are kept in the branding colour but to give a contrast and attractive sections, coloured animations and illustrations are used. This keeps the attention of the viewer as well as maintains the consistency

This is a custom made calculator which allows a user to calculate the growth of their investment over the years. Encouraging greater conversion and more changes of client understanding of the concept and salability.

Branding and Designing

Colour Palette






The logo has a tree that resembles ‘Kalpataru’ – A mythological celestial tree that fulfils wishes.

The emblem also shows hands protecting a family that also suggests how the brand protects the financial security of its client.

Website and UI/UX

Connecting Brand with Visitor

Fetching the visitor’s information and connecting them with the Brand while maintaining the design consistency is how we design the contact forms.

Precision in introduction

Everything that the brand does explained in characters less than a tweet. Showing Bespoke, Simple and Transparent Investment Advice with animated text adds even more elegance.

Custom Calculator

We have created a fully functional calculator to calculate SIP and Lumpsum Investment values so that the visitors of the website can leverage this feature before getting in touch with the wealth managers.