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Public Company into Hospitality, Spices and Renewables




1 Month

Project Type

Dynamic Website

About the company

Spectrum Foods Limited is a prominent stock market-listed company known for its multifaceted presence in the industries of salts & spices, renewable energy, and hospitality. Incorporated in 1994, SFL has earned a reputation as an industry leader, catering to diverse markets with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Unique problems to solve

Access to Information.

Prior to the website redesign, stakeholders and investors often faced challenges in accessing crucial company information. The new design enhances accessibility, making it easier for users to find documents like annual reports, quarterly financial reports, and other important resources.

Navigation and User Experience.

The previous website design may have posed navigation difficulties, which can be a hindrance for investors and stakeholders. The improved navigation system streamlines user experience, allowing visitors to effortlessly browse and locate desired information.

Share Price Impact.

The redesigned website aims to not only provide information but also enhance the company’s image and transparency. It is expected that this improved online presence will positively influence investor perception and potentially contribute to an increase in share prices.

Web UI and UX

Streamlined Information Retrieval

The redesigned website boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies the process of finding company information. Users can easily access and navigate through pages containing company information, documentation, and reports, enhancing the overall user experience.

Enhanced Visibility

The design prioritizes essential company documents and information, ensuring they are prominently featured and easily accessible. This not only benefits investors and stakeholders but also enhances the company’s transparency and credibility in the eyes of potential investors, possibly positively impacting share prices.

Great work and huge improvement in accessing vital information and it also reflects our commitment to transparency and excellence. We believe that this project enhanced online presence will positively influence investor perception, potentially contributing to an increase in our share prices. We appreciate the dedication and professionalism they brought to our project.

– Mr. Girdhar Saboo
Managing Director, SFL

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